Who We Are

iJustice Hub

We were founded in 2020 in response to the surge in justice needs and the shift in digital legal solutions arising out of Covid 19. We combine expertise in legal advice, research methods, sustainable development and strong financial management.

Our vision is to increase access to justice for the most vulnerable citizens in Tanzania.

Our Team

Sarah Stephens

Sarah is a UK qualified lawyer with over 25 years experience working on access to justice projects in sub-Saharan Africa. She works as an independent consultant specialising in Justice Sector reform. She sits on the Board of the Access to Justice Foundation and is a Phd student at the Institute of Development Studies specialising in Law and Development.

Ketan Shah

Ketan has over 40 years of experience in financial management for the private sector, government and international development projects. As a former partner for KPMG Tanzania he lead the projects team on a number of high profile initiatives. He has now founded Prime Advisors to support social impact investment in Tanzania.


One of our strengths is in our partnership with other organisations. We work collaboratively with a number of local justice providers to increase our reach across Tanzania.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre was founded by Georgia Kamina in 2020 in response to the overwhelming need for justice services in Dar es Salaam and beyond. She led the team of volunteer legal officers delivering free legal advice with the Regional Commissioners' Office in Dar es Salaam. We will be working together to support her use of technology to increase efficiency and scale up her geographic reach.

Prime Advisors

Prime Advisors is a management consultancy based in Dar es Salaam providing accountancy and business services to the private sector, government and donor organisations with expertise in consulting for international development.. We will work together to deliver high quality justice initiatives with rigour and transparency in data collection and financial management.

The Regional Commissioners' Office, Dar es Salaam

In 2016 the Regional Commissioners Office in Dar es Salaam initiated free legal advice centres to support citizens needs. There has been a high demand for this service, having advised over 3,000, 000 citizens since inception. This model is now being replicated across Tanzania. Together we will support them develop and implement time saving legal advice technologies.