Innovating Justice for Development

Legal design for access to justice

Innovating Justice for Development seeks to transform legal services in Tanzania using the latest available technologies and research methods.

We work with partners to design, develop and scale legal technology services with the goal of reaching vulnerable and marginalised citizens with low cost digital solutions.


Robust research is at the heart of what we do and we work to improve the quality and availability of justice system data.

We will develop the use of advanced quantitative and qualitative methods in the study of justice needs and processes.


We employ user-centred design and will use robust evidence and field work to develop our access to justice resources.

Our low cost technology based justice solutions employ bespoke design and will be available to all citizens to improve their opportunity to access to justice.


We value a rigorous approach to monitoring and evaluating our interventions to measures outcomes and impact.

In a continuous cycle of learning and improving we iterate our design and approaches to ensure maximum impact and reach for users.